Entrance 21+ only

February 14th & 15th  – Jazz in Love
February 17th – Salsa y Punto
February 18th – Jovan Maljoković sekstet
February 19th – Disney night
Festival “ALL THAT JAZZ” February 24th – DIXIE JAZZ
Festival “ALL THAT JAZZ” February 25th – DISNEY JAZZ
Festival “ALL THAT JAZZ” February 26th – CROONER JAZZ

Our little secret


We love jazz. We enjoy delicious wine. We love to love and we love feeling loved. And you can be a part of it all in our Bašta. All that is required is your presence.


Oh, and yes – the secret ingredient is not to be revealed & it is up to you to discover it while listening to jazz and taking delight in our wine selection. In the cozy ambient of Bašta, of course.


For all of you who haven’t decided on accomodation yet… Right next to Jazz Bašta is Dorm One Hostel!